System Lead(s) Thomas Isaac, Jackie Burke
Clinic Leads Centrally led by Tom
Clinics (#) Int. Med clinics (23) high dose patients, BH concomitant, & pain management
  • Align and reinforce existing efforts
  • Provide more effective data
  • Improve upon Atrius’ opioid measure bundle (TA, UDT every 12 months, follow-up 2-4x/year)
  • Focus on BH pts concomitant, Int Med high dose pts, and pain management
System-level and clinical changes
  • Expand shared medical appts (multidisciplinary approach) for pts on high dose, BH, or other high risk
  • Engage BH
  • Leverage EHR
  • CDS for PDMP
  • Flags for TA
Measure #s 5,6,7,8,13
EHR Epic
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