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System Overview & Contacts
UPMC Pinnacle
System Overview:
Contacts: Katie Shradley – Director of Population Health
How do you characterize your systems ownership? A hospital/health system that is NOT an academic medical center
Number of primary care clinics in your system? 50
Number of clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 600
Number of Primary Care clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 150, 100
Number of primary care providers with buprenorphine waivers? 10
Please describe the clinics participating in the CDC Opioid QI Collaborative. Newport Family Care: non MAT providing site, <5 providers

College Avenue:   MAT providing, teaching/residency site, focused care in vulnerable geography.

Manheim Pike:  Historical high prescribing in patient population, small clinic, no MAT /BH.

Boiling Springs:  Suburban Family Care, no  MAT/ BH on site.


In the medical group, We currently have between 8-10 sites that provide MAT services on site, and an additional 40 sites that do not. Sites will be counseled and chosen by the controlled substance committee.


Is behavioral health integrated into your primary care clinics? If so, please describe. 5/50 sites have behavioral health co-located or integrated into the clinic.
Are other clinical services integrated into your primary care clinics (e.g. PT, pharmacy, social work)? If so, please describe. Each practice has a pharmacy resource as a central support, as well as Social Work and Care Management in the Dauphin/Cumberland region.
Please briefly describe your system’s current/past opioid QI efforts. In 2015 the system began measuring opioid prescription rates, as well as reviewing data with prescribers that fell outside of the norm. Since that time, we have seen a 25% reduction of opioid prescribing in the Dauphin/Cumberland region. In 2017 we onboarded two additional health systems, and began showing the same level of transparency with their providers.
Please briefly describe your primary care clinics current/past QI efforts. Each primary care site is supported by a Quality Committee and Chief Quality Officer. QI initiatives surrounding health maintenance and supportive care/education are continually evaluated and prioritized by the committee/ CQO. This team recently studied their rates of high risk immunization therapy, their vaccination program, and are currently studying their readmission risk/prevention.