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To be reviewed by Controlled Substance Committee June 2019.


Update:   Committee suggested practice-based focus surrounding delineation between short-term & long-term therapies, and reporting that focuses on long-term therapies.  Each practice was then presented with the guidelines options, and each practice identified different areas of focus.


Boiling Springs:       Long-term use / MMED data  & Concurrent benzo prescribing

Conversations with New Patients seeking high dosing levels.


Manheim:    Long-term use & data

Collaboration with Behavioral Health Care Management for care support


Newport:    Right-sizing approach to patients on long-term use.

Crucial conversations with long-standing patients in need of taper.

Addressing prescribing fatigue.

Articulating when it is appropriate to prescribe.


College Ave:     (Residency based site, with multiple QI approaches led by individual residents).