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Example update

From our discussion

  1. Bring in David Anisman onto your QI team.  He is already a champion in this area.
  2. Arrange meetings with clinic leadership and with Jennifer Leiser.  Agenda for the meetings: 1) feedback on the CDC QI meeting – what is the collaborative about? 2) simple baseline of what the clinic is currently doing 3) their vote for project goals.  After these meetings, publish and communicate agreed goals to the leadership group.
  3. add Epic expert onto the QI team.  Ask what metrics are easy to implement, what is difficult to implement?
  4. identify what regular monthly meetings the clinics already have.  Plan to use one of those meetings for an “all hands” briefing on the project.
  5. build relationships and coordination between the 4 clinics.  For example, connect like roles between the 4 clinics, e.g. care coordinators, social worker/behavioral health, ??  So clinics can help each other..