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System Overview & Contacts
University of MS Medical Center
System Overview:
Contacts: Molly Clark – PhD, Assistant Professor
Kristen Alston – PhD, Assistant Professor
How do you characterize your systems ownership? An academic medical center
Number of primary care clinics in your system? 3
Number of clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 1100, 900
Number of Primary Care clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 47, 40
Number of primary care providers with buprenorphine waivers? 0
Please describe the clinics participating in the CDC Opioid QI Collaborative. Lakeland Family Medicine is our largest clinic in terms of volume. It is directly in Jackson, MS. We have both residents and faculty at this clinic. Flowood Family Medicine is our second largest clinic and also has residents and faculty who are at this clinic. Grants Ferry Clinic is the smallest and holds two faculty and a Nurse Practitioner.
Is behavioral health integrated into your primary care clinics? If so, please describe. Yes. We have two full time psychologists who are serving as behavioral health clinicians and educators in the clinics.
Are other clinical services integrated into your primary care clinics (e.g. PT, pharmacy, social work)? If so, please describe. We have Pharmacy in our clinics. Our PT is a separate department but we do have a social worker assigned to our clinic pool and will address all of our consults.
Please briefly describe your system’s current/past opioid QI efforts. We have a controlled substance management committee (CSM). We have been working on our management of controlled substances since 2011. Initially, we put in a medication agreement and have gradually instituted more policies to improve our management of this population.
Please briefly describe your primary care clinics current/past QI efforts. We have a number of QI efforts within our clinic as our residency program is required to have 2 QI initiatives per resident. We have done QI for our HIV screening as well as other quality measures.