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System Overview & Contacts
Kettering Physician Network
System Overview:
Contacts: Zachary Keene, Katherine Clark, Laurie Bankston
How do you characterize your systems ownership? A hospital/health system that is NOT an academic medical center
Number of primary care clinics in your system? 54
Number of clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 772, 537
Number of Primary Care clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 230, 196
Number of primary care providers with buprenorphine waivers? 13
Please describe the clinics participating in the CDC Opioid QI Collaborative. Multiple primary care practices each with multiple providers including MDs, DOs, and NPs. Practices are spaced out geographically over a 3600 sq mile area in southwest Ohio.
Is behavioral health integrated into your primary care clinics? If so, please describe. Behavioral health is integrated in two of our primary care practices with plans to expand in the near future. One of our practices have a DNP specializing in behavioral health and the other has an LPCC. Although not finalized the practice with the nurse practitioner may be included in this project.
Are other clinical services integrated into your primary care clinics (e.g. PT, pharmacy, social work)? If so, please describe. A single centrally located clinical pharmacist is available for consultation to all of our primary care practices. We have “care navigators” who are medical assistants by training that provide coordination of care and help with social determinants. We also have RN care managers who work with complex patients to meet clinical goals (A1c, BP, etc) via weekly calls and/or appointments.
Please briefly describe your system’s current/past opioid QI efforts. Kettering developed a program called PAUSE which guides providers in alternative therapies to opiates. We have implemented many EHR customizations to warn providers when patients exceed specific MEDD thresholds and recommend naloxone prescribing and detailed documentation when appropriate. We have integrated Ohio’s PDMP into our EHR to allow for quick and easy queries (including interstate requests to neighboring states). We created an Opiate Dashboard which gives providers a quick view of all their opiate prescriptions and patients on opiates.
Please briefly describe your primary care clinics current/past QI efforts. Kettering Physician Network has or currently participates in: CPC+, Million Hearts Campaign, PCMH, Physician Quality Bonus Scorecards, MIPS/MACRA, a clinically integrated network, and managed care payer contracts.