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1/24/19: Work continues in our clinics to reassess patients on high dose chronic opioid therapy and taper down with patient buy in. Looking into adding opioid and benzo tapering to pharmacist clinician scope (plans are in place to add 3 more pharmacist clinicians by end of Q2). Previously assigned contact for reporting left network, working to bring others up to speed on what is and isn’t working. Data validated for >50 MME and >90 MME patient lists. Providers have not been using the functional assessment tool that was created so data on this is not valid since most of them are doing the assessment and documenting in their note which cannot be discretely gathered.

12/4/19: Dashboard is pulling in metrics although no drill down is available. Running custom Clarity reports to get metrics for submission. Plan to submit baseline (data as of 4/2019), and monthly data up to present within 2 weeks. Working with Quality Medical Director to get previous education plans implemented. Data analyst has been assigned to gather the data and generate summary report on monthly basis once Clarity reports are finalized.

7/17/19: Working with leadership, decided on mandatory CME for all providers from Ohio Hospitals Association: OHA SmartRx. Also will be sending out letters to providers detailing their current measure scores, our average medical group scores, and national averages (if available). Also working on an Excel template for our measures to send out weekly updates to the practices in the collaborative (similar to what we currently do for CPC+).

Currently validating metrics build from Epic, expected to complete validation by end of July. End user dashboards to display metrics will be available at our next Epic upgrade, September 22nd. Planning on rollout meeting with practices later this month.