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System Overview & Contacts
East Tennessee State (CHC)
System Overview:
Contacts: Patricia Vanhook – PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN Associate Dean, Practice & Community Partnerships

Angela Harless- Doctoral Candidate

How do you characterize your systems ownership? Other – CHC
Number of primary care clinics in your system? 10
Number of clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 15, 15
Number of Primary Care clinician employees in your system? How many FTE? 10, 10
Number of primary care providers with buprenorphine waivers? None
Please describe the clinics participating in the CDC Opioid QI Collaborative.
Is behavioral health integrated into your primary care clinics? If so, please describe. Yes
Are other clinical services integrated into your primary care clinics (e.g. PT, pharmacy, social work)? If so, please describe. Pharmacy, BH
Please briefly describe your system’s current/past opioid QI efforts. We have developed a policy for opioid prescribing and reviewed provider prescribing trends
Please briefly describe your primary care clinics current/past QI efforts. Past Efforts: Vaccination QI project, colo-rectal cancer screening, mammography for underserved