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ETSU CON Nursing Clinic Plan, Implementation, and Progress

Angela Harless, DNP Student and Janice Jones have worked to develop EMR “forms” for Centricity that will meet patient assessment needs, monitoring, and guideline adherence. These forms are called the Chronic Pain Intake Form and are attached below. All of the screening, assessment, and plan will be located on a central form. Because the form is not narrative-based, data retrieval will be available via the reporting system. This should not require manual chart reviews that were the process for baseline data collection (see attached). Angela has attached her PowerPoint for this project that presents data in an understandable way. Additionally, Angela submitted the Chronic Pain Intake Form.

Training for the APRNs and the nurses and implementation of the change in the processes was Jan. 30-31, 2020. The measurement period was Jan-Mar 2020.


EMR Changes

Chronic pain management form

Chronic Pain Intake Form

As you can see here, the Chronic Intake Form has enabled more information to be pulled from the system.

Angela's Defense

This PPT allows individuals to follow our interventions at ETSU closely.