System Lead(s) Sharon Rikin, Joanna Starrels
Clinic Leads Fabienne Daguilh
Nadira Ehtesham
Maria Gbur
Elizabeth Harris
Clinics (#) 4: 3 teaching; 1 non-teaching
Goals Mission: Improve guideline driven care for patients on chronic opioid therapyAims:

  • Review & revise opioid policies
  • Quarterly visits with LTOT pts
  • TA for all LTOT pts
  • Quarterly pain & fxnl assessments
System-level and clinical changes
  • Patient registry
  • UDT annually for X% of LTOT pts
  • Pts > 90 MMEs or co-prescribed benzo given naloxone
  • Within X months all clinicians document PDMP use before new Rx
Measure #s 2,4,7,9,10,11,13,15
EHR Epic
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