Opioid QI Collab-Systems Leads Meeting

Opioid QI Collab-Systems Leads Meeting

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Dial: +1-415-655-0002  (US Toll)

Access code: 314 491 938


  1. Welcome & agenda

    • Anything else folks want to get answered/cover?
  1. Measures specifications (5 mins – Sarah)

  • See website: QICollaborative.org
  • Next steps
  • Benefit in convening IT folks from across systems?
  1. QI Collaborative website (5 mins – Sarah/Mark)

  • Password access sent out
  • Share sample documents: opioid policies, treatment agreement/pain contracts, workflows
  • Posting upcoming webinars, meetings and past webinar recordings
  • What would like access to?
  1. Clinical webinars (8 mins – Sarah/Laura/David)

  • When to start up?  May 10th or June 15th
  • Inviting clinicians/medical directors
  • Schedule
  • Staggered days and times – booked thru Sept
  • Will be recorded


  • Difficult conversations
  • Legacy patients
  • Other topics
  • If Not Opioids What Then?  (non-pharmacologic & non-opioid pharma)
  • Opioids: Which, How Much, and for How Long
  • Is it Pain or Is it OUD, or Is it Both?
  • Office based Management of OUD
  • Priority topics or topics of interest to you?
  • Submitting a case for clinical webinars

Asking for additional support directly for your system (2 mins – Sarah)

  • Example – Laura is presenting to clinicians/med dir for IHS/Miles

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Provider Engagement – (35 mins – Michael P)

  • Round Robin: Have you thought about your plan for engaging plans once policies are in place? If so, what are you thinking?
  • Brainstorm future topics for system leads/implementation calls? – (5 mins – Michael P)